Whole network feature using roster

We have a list of all members of the relevant networks that I can pre-load as a network asset. I understand that I can use this list in name generators to create a “node type” variable that I can use in later stages (e.g. ordinal bin). However, I already know that everybody on the list belongs to the network – so, I don’t need to use the list in a name generator. Instead, I would like to directly use the names on the list in ordinal bin questions etc. Thus, my question is, how can I make a “node type” directly from a network asset? (Or alternatively, is there a way to “select all” in a name generator?)

Unfortunately, at present, the software doesn’t support whole network studies in this way where all nodes from the roster are automatically pre-populated for subsequent name interpretation, edge generation, etc. This feature is in our backlog, but we do not have a timeframe for completion. For now, your best option will be to manually select/add all nodes from your network asset using the small roster interface (nodes, displayed as cards, will need to be manually selected and added individually).