Way to use only some nodes in sociogram

Hi, I am wondering if there is a good way to have a user be able to place only some of the people they have named in a sociogram stage? Currently, the way I see it, all of the nodes eventually pop up in the bin and must be placed on the sociogram layout for the subject to be able to continue. However, I have multiple sociogram prompts, and it is likely not all names will be part of the person’s network for all prompts. Thus, is there a way for them to be able to “skip” adding a person to the layout if they want to? Thank you.

It sounds like you’re looking for network filtering which can be found at the very top of the Sociogram stage creation in Architect within the Node Type box and can be turned on and specified using the Filter toggle. Expanded details can be found: here.


Thanks. I did look into this, but it looks like you have to be able to filter on a variable for this to work. I was more looking for a way for somebody to basically be able to “leave some names in the bin” at the sociogram stage based on their own choices, though if this is not possible I may be able to do something with filtering instead.

@dmunson98 - Do you mind giving an example of a prompt you’re using for the layout task that doesn’t apply to all nodes, and doesn’t correspond to an attribute that could be used with network filtering?

Yes–I am asking about basically two kinds of networks, an informational network and a support network. So of the people named as close contacts during the name generator phase (of which I only have one), I want people to be able to choose which nodes are part of their information network and which are part of their support networks. Each node may not be in both networks, hence the desire to have them be able to leave some in the bin for the two separate sociograms.

My current workaround is to use filtering–to have people sort in a separate stage the nodes into ones they contact for information and ones they contact for support, and then filtering on that. This seems slightly more complicated but is workable at the moment.

As you say, being primarily an ‘informational’ or a ‘social support’ contact sounds like an attribute of the node, which could be collected ahead of time on either a categorical bin interface, or as part of the name generation step.

Assuming you don’t want to collect it ahead of time, one other alternative would be to position all of the nodes as normal (perhaps even using the force-directed layout feature?) and then use the attribute nomination function of the sociogram to ask the participant to nominate, say, ‘information’ nodes. This attribute could then be used to remove those nodes/show those nodes on subsequent sociogram screens.

One other tip: you can have multiple layout variables. So you can store the layouts for each network separately.

I see, this is helpful. In that case I think I will stick with what I am currently doing. Thank you!