Uploading Protocols into Fresco

I am having difficulties with uploading my Network Canvas protocol from Architect to the Fresco(sandbox) dashboard. I keep getting an error stating

“Asset “528556d0-32d0-11ed-8ffb-bdfa12a4fab6.jpg” was not found in asset folder!”

Does anyone know how to save my protocol from Architect in the precise file necessary to upload into Fresco? I was just trying to upload a protocol into the Fresco Demo website that you have for everyone to play with and continuously get this error.

Thank you so much for the help in advance!


Hi Kendra!

This sounds like a bug in Fresco - thanks for helping us to find it.

Could you please email your protocol file to joshua@northwestern.edu? I will then look into this for you.

Side note: you can report issues to us directly from within Fresco using the feedback banner at the top of the page, but posting here on the community forum is also great too.

Thanks, and apologies once again for this issue.

Hi @klbelang - just following up as I haven’t heard anything from you, and I haven’t received your protocol file via email. Did you resolve the issue somehow?

Hi Joshua!

I apologize for the delay. I somehow fixed it myself and got a working protocol for Fresco. However, I truly appreciate you reaching out and your guidance!

Thank you so much,


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