Upcoming Network Canvas workshop, organized sessions, and poster at Sunbelt 2024

Upcoming Sunbelt Conference Activities

Our team is looking forward to attending Sunbelt 2024 in Edinburgh this summer! We will be leading a half-day workshop, two organized sessions, and user meet-up at the poster session highlighting our latest work with Fresco. Hope to see you there!

Workshop: Network data capture for public health within Network Canvas

We are offering a half-day in-person workshop on network data capture for public health within Network Canvas on Tuesday afternoon, June 25th. In this workshop, we will provide a comprehensive orientation to using Architect, Network Canvas’s visual interview builder app, as well as Interviewer, the app used in the field to collect data directly from participants. We will also provide an orientation to data export and analysis. The 3-hour workshop will be suitable for all levels of experience in the tools, but participants should have a foundational understanding of social network data capture. Examples emphasized throughout the workshop will draw specifically from public health.

Read the full workshop description here: https://sunbelt2024.com/workshop-schedule/

Organized Sessions: Visual Network Data Collection Methods

We were thrilled to receive so many high quality submissions for our organized session on visual network data collection methods. Due to the large number of strong submissions, we are convening two visual network data collection methods sessions on Thursday, June 27 (10:40am - 12:20pm and 2:00pm - 3:20pm) that showcase diverse challenges and opportunities for visual data collection techniques in the field.

Find the list of organized sessions here: https://sunbelt2024.com/organised-sessions/

Poster Session: Introducing Fresco: A locally deployable app for browser-based social network interviewing

We look forward to joining the poster session to share some of the latest work currently under way by our team – the development and beta launch of Fresco, a browser-based app for social network interviews. This app represents a key milestone on the way to developing the broader “Studio” Platform, and we look forward to discussing its features and limitations during the poster session.

If you have questions about any of the above outreach activities, please contact our team directly.

See you in Edinburgh!


I will be there as well, looking forward to seeing some of you there! :slight_smile: