Survey flow and skip pattern options

It would be wonderful to have an option to control the survey flow based on core questions. For example, we asked our consent electronically as the first question. If an individual said no to this, it would be great to route them to the end of the survey. Instead, i had to manually set up a skip pattern for each section to show only if that first consent was marked as “yes”. This is a lot of work and leaves a lot of room for error.

I agree!

We had the same issue when we created a consent form in the sample survey. Routing to a specific stage would be a really nice addition.

I imagine the functionality would be something like

  1. Define the skip rule as you do currently
  2. If the “skip this stage” option is chosen (as opposed to “show this stage”), offer a choice of where to skip to, with the options being “the next stage” and a specific stage chosen from a dropdown.

This feature could be implemented by someone with some knowledge of React in a few days. If anyone reading this would like to take it on, I would be happy to help guide them :slight_smile: