Suggestions/Request for Ideas on Name Interpreter?

Hi All:
We are designing a new tool and are facing a challenge with one of the questions we have traditionally used in RedCap/Qualtrics and how to best import.

Once we have the names provided, we ask specific questions about how individuals rely on others for social support - recognizing that people may fulfill multiple roles.

An example of questions would be:
2. If you were seriously injured or sick and needed help for a couple of weeks with things such as preparing meals and getting around, who, if anyone, would you ask for support?

  1. Sometimes, personal matters arise, like issues about relationships, essential things in your life, and difficult experiences. Who, if anyone, might you confide in or discuss these issues with?

In an ideal world, they could just drag the name of the individual over to a box, and they would be marked as having selected them (1), and others would not be (0). There does not seem to be an excellent way to do this.

I wonder if we could use the name generator with the side panel to complete this task. We have not done this and do not know what the data looks like on the back end. Thanks,

Hi Aaron,

Iā€™d recommend one of two options to accomplish this:

1. Sociogram Interface with Attribute Toggling
This option allows participants to tap on members of their network to answer the question, and results in a data structure similar to the one you described because the assigned variable is boolean.

2. Categorical Bin Interface with Yes/No bins
If you would prefer to use the user experience you described of having the participant drag the name into a box, I would recommend using the categorical bin interface.

As this option uses categorical variables, the data structure will be slightly different. Please consult our article Working with Data to learn more about recoding these variables into a single variable.

For reference, here is an example data that would come from the interfaces above. asks_support was collected using the Sociogram, and confide_y and confide_n were collected using the Categorical Bins.


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Hi @Caden, thanks for the feedback! We are trying the Sociogram Interface with Attribute Toggling to see if we can get it to work for our purposes. I think it can - since we can use multiple attribute toggles and have the participants tap on their names. Thanks for the suggestion!

Beforeeeing this response, we were using the name generator feature and having participants drag names over that fit the recruitments - but we wehado code the data on the other side to represent the False participants. Your way seems much more appropriate. Thanks!

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