Question about Sociogram

If I use the Sociogram interface, will there be a numerical output value that corresponds the number of concentric circles. For example, in the tutorial the prompt reads: Please position the people you have named amongst the concentric circles. Place people who know each other together, and put people you are closer to towards the center of the circles. Will the nodes that are placed in the center, the third circle, output a numeric value = 3, and will nodes placed in the next circle, the second circle, output a numeric value = 2?

Thanks for your help.

No, the software will not automatically generate a value based on the circle the node is within. The X/Y coordinates (in both pixel values and normalized 0-1 scale) are included in your exported data, so with a bit of meths you could derive a value based on this during your data cleaning if you wish.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

Another question: I’m trying to use the narrative interface as a final stage to frame a qualitative interview, but I can’t get an outputted sociogram from the name generator, name interpreter, and dyed census stages that I’ve created. Does one need to use the sociogram interface to output an ego network sociogram? I have not used the sociogram interface. To draw ties between nodes, I used the dyed census interface.

The Narrative interface is designed to be a display only interface, so unfortunately it can’t create any data that doesn’t already exist. In the case of position data for nodes, the only interface that can create it is the Sociogram. It can either be done automatically using the automatic layout feature, or you can ask your participants to create a layout that is meaningful in some other way.

I think it would be cool if the narrative could work without needing a sociogram, so I will look into adding that feature for you in a future release.