QR code feature request

We have two platforms for collecting data right now – one is only for the data required by the registration system, and the other is a typical CAPI (SurveyCTO) for the larger survey. To link the two without having to input personal identifying information, we’re giving respondents QR codes with unique IDs during the survey process. As they move from the registration system to the survey, they simply bring the QR code with them so the CAPI captures their ID.

In order to collect the last piece of data with Network Canvas, we were hoping to use the same system. However, I noticed there’s no option for capturing QR code data in the app/architect. Is this a feature that would be feasible to add over the course of the next few months?

Hi @Community-Member!

Thanks for this suggestion! There isn’t a QR code data capture feature within Network Canvas and, unfortunately, this is outside the scope of our development work at the moment. This feature could be implemented fairly easily, however, by someone with appropriate technical skills. We strongly encourage folks to take up feature development, where possible, and share back with the community when finished to help improve the tool for everyone!

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