Preview mode for Sociogram and Narrative Interfaces

I am running into an issue with the visualization of networks when I run through the protocol using the preview function on Interviewer. I’ve not successfully had alters load in either a sociogram or narrative interface. When I begin the sociogram or narrative interface, just a blank screen of concentric circles loads, and I don’t see options for prompting the alters to load. I have created edges using the Dyad Census, but these are not being reflected on the network screens. I’m sorry to bother you with this issue, but I haven’t been able to find a help with this issue online. Thank you for your guidance!

The reason your nodes are not displaying on the Narrative interface in Preview Mode is because you have not created a layout variable. The Dyad Census interface only allows you to generate edges but does not give you a way to create a layout variable like the Sociogram does (which is required for visualization on the Narrative). If you wish to use the Narrative interface, you’ll first need to use the Sociogram to define a layout variable. Since the Sociogram is also an edge generation screen, you will likely want to use it for this action as well rather than the Dyad Census - if using the Narrative interface is a priority in your study.