Possible bug with skip logic for alter attribute (or, plea for help with what I'm missing)

I’ve used skip logic with no problem on Ego attributes, but have an issue with Alter skip logic: I have a checkbox attribute for how they know the person. If they check ‘A person that provides you with a support or service’ we want more info - this is nearly identical to the example in the help on Skip Logic. However, if this is checked for only one respondent (see Sue vs Mary in my example pictures) the question appears for everyone even if the response isn’t selected for them. If it isn’t selected for any alter, then it doesn’t appear:

Happy to send over the protocol if it would help.

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Hi Lorien! Thanks for posting this, and sorry to hear about this issue.

From what I can tell, the software seems to be working as intended. I think the issue you’re having is due to some confusion is about how the skip logic feature works, and specifically about how it is different from the network filtering feature.

Basically, the skip logic rule you have defined is saying "Show this stage if any node in the interview network has an “AlterRelationships” attribute that includes “a person that provides you with a support or service”. Thus the behaviour you are seeing is expected - the stage is shown if any interview node matches this criteria, or is otherwise skipped.

What you need to get the behaviour you are expecting is to also add something to show only eligible nodes on the stage once it is shown (after the skip logic has determined some nodes match the criteria).

To do this, you need to implement stage level network filtering. Specifically, if you scroll to the top of the stage editor, where you select the entity type for the per alter form, you will see an expandable “filter” section. Use this to add an alter rule that requires alters to have the attribute value you want included (essentially the identical rule to the one you created for your skip logic). This will filter out any alters that do not have this specific attribute value from being shown on the stage.

Once again, sorry for the confusion. We can definitely look into improving how we explain these features.

Sheesh - thank you that’s it. I also see why I missed it with ego filtering - skip logic will do the same thing since there’s only one ego. Now that I understand, I see what the help file is saying, but you might include something in the ‘extended example’ that if you only wanted to show the alters where the ego has a family relationship, you’d need filtering as well. Anyways, thanks so much!