Option to copy and paste a stage within same or other protocol(s)

Just to make sure I’m not missing the fact that this feature already exists, it is not possible at the moment to copy/paste a stage in Architect within same or other protocol(s) right?
I personally think that would be really useful, for instance for repetitive attributes questions about nodes or ties that can come back at several points in a questionnaire. Or when wanting to use one good stage in a new questionnaire.
Is that at all possible?

Also, just a minor thing, but to post these messages here, I don’t see “architect” as an optional tag, while it exists for interviewer and server. Maybe that would be useful? Most of my questions have been about architect. :slight_smile:

Hi Maya!

Thanks for your question and suggestion. We’ve gone ahead and added the tag for ‘architect’ to this post. If you ever want to create a tag, you should have the option to do so when you create a new post (i.e., rather than selecting an existing tag from the drop down menu, you create one by typing in the text and hitting enter).

With regard to your question about functionality to copy/paste a stage in Architect - unfortunately this isn’t possible in the current software. We appreciate the suggestion and should we have resources to support the development of this in the future, we will consider it. Perhaps there is someone with technical knowledge in this user community who might be interested in implementing such a feature given its broad utility? If someone chooses to take it up, we could offer some high level technical guidance.

  • Kate

Thanks Kate, I have been trying a few times to add a new tag myself, but each time I hit “enter” or click on the “+”, nothing happens.

Fingers crossed someone else with technical knowledge is interested in implementing such a feature, it would save so much time to many users! :smiley:

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