Option for Piped Text in Architect?

Is there a way to pipe text from the answer of one question into the question text of a later one?

In my study, I start with having egos select roles that apply to them out of a long list via an ego form, and then later ask them who do they talk to about those specific roles. Currently, I have it set up with individual name generators for each respective role and a comprehensive skip pattern. But I’d also love to give them an option to write in an additional role that wasn’t on my list and then still have that feed into a later name generator. Any suggestions?

Hi @cvb,

Thanks for your post! The short answer is no - there is no way to pipe text from prior questions in the current software.

Unfortunately, with your protocol design, all categories would need to be pre-generated in order to apply skip logic (as you have done). While less than ideal, one possible workaround could be to create an ‘other’ category within your ego form and then build a subsequent name generator with skip logic embedded (as you have for the other roles). While the ‘other’ name generator could not be updated with the text input by the participant, the interviewer could bridge this gap and the specificity of the ‘other’ category could be captured on a subsequent ego form with skip logic and filtering rules applied so it would only show when ‘other’ role has been selected on the initial ego form. The data would all be there, but it would certainly be a bit messy.

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