Ok to update to Mac OS Ventura (13.1)?

Hi - I’m actively using Network Canvas on a mac with OS 12.6 (Monterey). I see there is an operating system update available to go to 13.1 (Ventura), but always cautious to update without checking if certain small scale software is known to be compatible.

Does anyone in this community have experience upgrading to Ventura, and if so are there any known issues? Thanks.

Hi Mark

There should be no issues updating to the latest macOS. Certainly, we aren’t aware of anything (and I am personally using Ventura as we speak). If you find something, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Is there something we should know about your platform? Everything seems to be down. This is the only way I could connect to it. Thanks - Mark

Mark - thanks for this. we are going to message you directly to find out exactly what you can not access and what specific machine and browsers you have tried. Please look for an email.


Hi Mark (and anyone else impacted by this)

We switched hosting providers last week, and there were a couple of loose ends with our configuration that seem to have caused some people some issues. Sorry to have disrupted your work!

Things should be back up and running as you expected now.

The long and short of it is that the websites were actually always online and working, but two things changed:

  1. We didn’t implement the “www” subdomain on our new host. Technically speaking, our website has always been “https://networkcanvas.com”, and nothttps://www.networkcanvas.com”. The difference was that previously we were silently redirecting users who typed in www to the root domain. Of course, some people still expect that a website should begin with “www” which is what caused the confusion. The redirection feature has now been recreated on the new host. If you are interested in the reasons we don’t use www, see here.
  2. For similar reasons, we didn’t implement the insecure version of the website, served via “http”. Instead, we only implemented https, so that all connections are encrypted and our website identity is verified. Modern browsers actually require this, and in testing it worked without issue. However it turns out that anyone who had used an older browser to access the website would not be “upgraded” to the secure version automatically. Once again, I have implemented a redirect to make this process automatic.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, and thank you for letting us know about the problem.