Offline Data Collection with Network Canvas -Features Available?

We are confucting a public health study in an area with very little internet access and limited ability to run a local server.

I’m having a hard time figuring out if Network Canvas is designed in a way to enable offline data collection.

Would you have any guidance or can you please provide any documentation you may have regarding being able to collect data offline with Network Canvas? I have seen references to an “offline workflow” - is that what we need?

Apologies for the lack of documentation on this topic - we are aware of it, but unfortunately don’t have many resources to put towards completing it at the moment.

To answer your question: all functionality is available offline! Network Canvas Interviewer simply stores data on your device until you are back in a location with a network connection.

The “offline workflow” we support is intended to be more of a description of transferring data between Interviewer and Server without needing to send it over a network at all. At this point, I would suggest your project not use Server, and to instead transfer data using either cloud storage providers (dropbox, google drive, etc.) or by copying the files manually. This can of course be deferred to when the device has a network connection, too.

Interviewer can export data files in CSV or GraphML format directly to the device’s local storage (or any other location accessible via the “share” menu on Android.

On that note, it is worth pointing out that the best performance can be found when using a conventional laptop running Windows/macOS/Linux.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out again if you or your team have further questions, and I’d be happy to help.