Network Canvas developer wanted!


i am looking for someone who is capable edit Network canvas for one specific project. 80% is fine, we need to edit just 20% left. One time job opportunity. Please in case of interest contact me:

Thank you.


Do you mind sharing more about your project? We are intrigued!

Hello Joshua!

thank you for your reaction. We would like to use Network Canvas for EDU-TECH oriented project, data will be collected primarily on primary schools and high schools.
Software is almost perfect as is but we have about 20% of it to edit. Will you be able to help me with that? We can discuss it more detailed on call. Thank you!

Hi @Kateřina_Veselá!

Thank you for sharing a bit more about your project. Our team is always happy to learn how the tools are being implemented within different research contexts! It sounds like you have a draft interview protocol you developed in Architect and are hoping to receive help refining and finishing the protocol before you begin data collection? We would be happy to have a call to discuss whether this is something we can assist with. Due to the limited bandwidth of our small team, we can typically only take on paid consultation and collaborations. Please take a look at the collaboration options available to see which would best suit your needs: If you decide this is something you would like to discuss further, please reach out to us at


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