Network Canvas data storage

Can you advise me how Network Canvas data is stored, and on what server/cloud? Is it solely stored on the project lead’s device or is it stored on a designated server whereby others may potentially have access to the project data collected?

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Where Network Canvas data is stored is up to the researcher. You have the option of saving data locally on the device you are using (which is part of the workflow typically used by those working in the field without a network connection) and deleting it later after you are able to save it to your secure location of choice (e.g., institutional server). You can also securely transmit your data after each interview directly to Server from the Network Canvas field device so long as they are paired. The Server application of the Network Canvas suite, however, is a desktop app and not a server in the way you may be thinking (this has been a frequent point of confusion for many people!). Using Server poses substantial complexity for many users due to institutional network configurations, so we typically encourage against its use as much of the functionality obtained via Server is available using Interviewer and whatever data storage solution you choose.

TL;DR - The data collected in the field is yours, and is only ever stored on your devices. Who has access to these data depends on who controls the devices used for data collection and who has access to wherever you store your study data files.

Information about the Network Canvas security model can be found here: Overview of Security Model - Network Canvas Documentation

For more information about Server and other data related question, please refer to our documentation site: