Multiplex Ties with Roster Data

Hi, Team! Question. I am collecting data from an interorganizational network where I will be asked about various types of relationships between organizations from the same roster. For example, I’ll ask with whom an organization is sharing information with from a roster, who they share resources with, etc. Right now I have separate generators using the same roster, one for each type of relationship. However, when I tested it, if I nominated an org from the roster in generator one (information sharing), they disappeared as an option in generator 2 (resource sharing). I tried uploading different file names, but that didn’t seem to fix the issue. Is there any easy workaround?

Thank you!!

Hi @megpatterson welcome to our community and thanks for your question!

The functionality you’re noting is as intended. Essentially, the way Network Canvas uses the roster is that anyone nominated becomes part of the network and thus cannot be nominated again. In your case, you may want to utilize a side panel to display organizations nominated on the prior name generators/prompts. Utilizing a side panel within a name generator interface allows a respondent to indicate a node previously nominated (or from a pre-defined roster) in response to a given prompt. You might configure your name generator to include an additional attribute (e.g., variable “shares_information”) so that when a node is nominated on the particular stage this variable is linked. Here’s an example from our documentation which may help illustrate: Considering Additional Prompt Variables

I hope that helps!