Modifying or entering missing data in Interviewer

How can you change data once you have passed that step of the interview? For example, if we are in the sociogram and the participant realizes they left an important person out during name generation, or they forgot to say that 2 people knew each other during the dyad census, how do we correct it at that point?

You can return to a prior screen within Interviewer to modify or add data by opening the stage navigation panel. The stage navigation panel is accessed by clicking on the vertical scroll bar on the left side of any stage within the interview. When you click the bar, you will see a menu appear of all stages in your protocol and you can navigate forward or backward directly to the relevant stage where changes are needed. Keep in mind that adding or removing data on one stage can impact data stored within other stages (i.e., when you utilize skip logic), so be sure you consider this as you complete the interview with a participant.