Making "sub-questions"

Quick question, is it possible to create subquestions in the forms? And to do this in several sub-levels?
For instance having one question, then having several options as answers (such as the checkbox group input), and then based on the option chosen, another question or possibility to provide a text input for instance?

Hi @Maya!

Thanks for your question. If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like you are looking for a way to ask follow up questions based on a respondent’s answer to a previous question. While it isn’t possible to implement nested questions within a single form, you can utilize network filtering (i.e., create rules that determine which nodes appear on a given screen) and skip logic (i.e., create rules that determine whether a screen is shown) at the stage level to achieve your aim.

Depending on the data you wish to capture, you will likely want to implement network filtering and skip logic rules within your survey that will allow you to direct a respondent to specific stages to provide further information depending on their prior responses. You can read more about implementing network filtering and skip logic on our documentation site to see some examples.

I hope this helps!

  • Kate

OK, thanks for your answer Kate!

Thanks, Maya! And please circle back with any lingering questions.