Introducing Fresco!

We are excited to announce a new addition to the lineup of Network Canvas software: ”Fresco" is a cloud-based web app that allows researchers to conduct Network Canvas interviews in the web browser! It supports basic participant management and recruitment features, and works with any existing protocol files authored in Architect. You can expect a similar visual and tactile experience to the Network Canvas Interviewer desktop/tablet app and equivalent functionality in terms of navigation, interface design, and data export formats. Fresco adds the ability for participants to be onboarded to a study via a URL, allowing interviews to be conducted remotely if desired.

The first beta release of Fresco is now available for public testing. While our team has tested the app internally, we anticipate additional bugs will be uncovered with more rigorous testing across different use-cases by the community. We therefore advise you do not use this version of the software to collect participant data. We will remove the beta label once we feel the software is ready for research use. Please bear in mind that this is a use-at-your-own-risk software and we reserve no liability.

Fresco is a milestone on our way to developing the broader “Studio” platform, and as such we will not be adding additional functionality to it over time. We do however welcome feedback regarding any bugs or issues that impact the intended usability of this tool. This feedback can be provided using the researcher-facing embedded form within the app, or via our community website.

To learn more about Fresco, visit our documentation where you will find a full description of the functionality, links to a “sandbox” that will let you directly explore the app without deploying it, and instructions for deploying your own copy when you are ready. We will continue adding Fresco documentation to our website to help answer anticipated questions from users and welcome your suggestions for articles.

Our team is grateful to the research community for the ongoing enthusiasm and support for Network Canvas tools!

The Network Canvas Team