Interviewer running slow

We have been collecting data on Tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022) 128 GB) for several weeks and Interviewer has started slowing down considerably lately, making the filling-in of interviews more burdensome.
We are deleting all the session data older than 2 weeks, and the tablets are not used for anything else.
Any tips on how to try to get Interviewer to run more smoothly again? :slight_smile:

Hi Maya

We are sadly aware that the app slows down as more data is added to it, but it should “speed up” again when you remove data. If this isn’t happening, it sounds like the data must somehow not be getting erased.

Using the “reset app data” option (Settings → Developer Options) will restore the app to a blank slate, but this will also remove all protocols you have installed and reset any settings you have changed. Please be careful, as this option will of course remove all interview data as well, regardless of if it has been exported.

Can I ask how many interview sessions are on the device at any one time?

Hi Joshua,
Thanks for getting back to me!
It seems they have approx. 60 sessions at any time. Which is a lot I suppose.

Another question, do you think that the exported data on the tablet (in the internal memory) could also affect this? I would assume not, since the exported zip files are not heavy and it has 128GB of memory. But what do you think?


60 sessions is certainly quite a lot! I can see why this would cause slowdown (although obviously it is a design flaw on our side to begin with!). I would advise you to do your exports more frequently if possible. This will resolve the issues.

It shouldn’t matter, unless your device storage is almost full for whatever other reason (other apps, media etc). Flash storage can slow down quite a bit when it gets close to capacity on some devices.