Importing roster data

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I would like to learn how to import a roster into Architect, but the page ( ) says it is a work in progress and requires me to reach out to the team. So this is me reaching out :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!


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Hi again Vegas

Iโ€™m going to ask someone to have a go at writing that article this week. This is something people ask about a lot, so clearly we need to get something in writing.

In the meantime, what specific questions do you have?

The basic gist of it is that you can create a CSV file (or adapt an existing one) to use as a roster. The columns will represent your node attributes, and the rows will represent individual roster members.

When you use the roster, any nodes that are nominated in an interview will be added to the interview network. All node attributes you defined in your CSV will be included. If the roster attributes (again. defined by column labels) match a variable defined in your codebook (for example, if you have a column called โ€˜ageโ€™ and also collect an attribute called โ€˜ageโ€™ somewhere in your interview) the attributes will be merged. Otherwise they will just be included in your output data โ€˜as-isโ€™.

Hi Joshua,

Awesome, thanks for the quick response. I believe this answers all my questions, but Iโ€™ll return to this thread if I have any more. Thank you very much!