Importing data source for roster

I have an issue when trying to import data for a roster question.
I get the following error:

“Error: Variable name not allowed (“fsn22;name;YoB;Age_ACCESS;quartier22”). Only letters, numbers and the symbols ._-: are supported. at file:///Applications/ at async Xi (file:///Applications/ at async Promise.all (index 0)”

I don’t see other characters though than the “letters, numbers and the symbols ._-” accepted in the variable names.

Does anyone have a suggestion? :slight_smile:
Many thanks,


Hi Maya!

Thanks for your question. This issue is being caused by the semicolons in the variable name “fsn22;name;YoB;Age_ACCESS;quartier22”. Only letters, numbers, and the symbols ._-: are supported.

More information about formatting external data to import can be found in our documentation article here:

Thanks! It seems the issue was caused by my Mac when saving the .xlsx file as .csv. It wasn’t converting to comma’s as separators.
It’s resolved now. :slight_smile:

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