Help with peer placement!

Hi there! I am looking for help in 2 separate ways. First, I am wondering if it is possible to allow roster names to be placed into multiple groups or categories within the categorical bin stage? Next, within the name generator for roster data, is it possible to allow each name on the roster to be available to add to each question instead of disappearing after adding to one category?
Thank you!

Hi @Katrina.vogel !

Welcome to our user community and thanks for your post! I hope I can help.

Each available node (i.e., roster name nominated) can be added to a single category per prompt on the categorical bin interface; multiple nodes may be added to the same category. Each prompt within the interface will populate the existing network nodes at the top for the interviewee to drag and drop them into the appropriate bin.

In Network Canvas, the mental model we use for the roster functionality is that when nodes are nominated, they are added to the interview network and thus cannot (by design) be added again in any subsequent roster interfaces. The respondent then subsequently adds further attribute information on the nodes nominated. The only exception to this is when you use the name generator interface using forms, or the name generator interface using quick add functionality. These interfaces allow multiple “side panels” to be displayed to the participant, where one can be a roster, and the other can be the current nodes in the interview network.

If you haven’t already, you may want to check out our documentation on working with roster data: Working with Rosters

Please let us know if there are other lingering questions!

  • Kate