Formatting issues

In our Network Canvas survey, we are hoping to create a 7-point Likert Scale however, when we input labels on each point, there is a text wrapping issue causing the words to overlap. Is there a way to enable text wrapping or point spacing?

Additionally, when using the date picker, the calendar only pops up on the bottom of the selection bar causing it to get cut off on the first line which makes it difficult for participants to select their birthdate without scrolling which is not intuitive for our participants.

We had a lot of issues with this as well. We ended up dropping down to a 5-point scale.

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Thanks for the feedback on this. If we get a chance to look at this in the future we will do so, though as noted elsewhere we do not have any further funds to directly develop features or make changes ourselves (with the exception of serious bugs). Community contributions are always welcome, since this is an open source project!

Two other things you might try:

  1. Listing the labels in the question prompt, and then using numbers/shortened versions for the labels
  2. Reducing the text size in interviewer