Dyad census - can I add a third 'don't know' option?


Am I able to add a third option to the dyad census to allow for ‘don’t know’, and if not, does anyone know of a way around this? Is there another way to ask ego if alters know/talk to one another?

Edit: The only workaround I can think of is asking for edges during the sociogram stage, and if a participant doesn’t know, record this as a ‘no’ and then add this data after the interview. This seems cumbersome though.


Hi Chris!

Depending on the specifics of your instrument, you might consider using the Tie Strength Census. This interface has the same functionality as the Dyad Census but the added benefit of assigning an ordinal variable value to each edge created between alters. This interface also allows you to program an option for a participant to indicate that a tie is not present between a pair of alters. I hope this helps!

To learn more about implementation of this interface, check out our documentation page: https://documentation.networkcanvas.com/interface-documentation/tie-strength-census/

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