Displaying different ties

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I have another question regarding the use of Network Architect. In our project, we ask out participants to name 20 alters. When we ask them for their Alter-Alter ties, we work with 4 different answer categories:

“Sehr wahrscheinlich”, “Wahrscheinlich” and “Eher unwahrscheinlich” mean that there is a connection, but it’s close to a different level (e.g. “Sehr wahrscheinlich” means very close). They are coded as “1”, “2” and “3”. Only the decline option “Diese Personen kennen sich nicht.” means that there is no connection between the two alters.

At the end of our study we want to show the participants their networks. The problem is, that we can only choose between not showing any alter-alter ties, or each of the “positive” ones (namely “Sehr wahrscheinlich” coded as “1”, “Wahrscheinlich” coded as “2” and “Eher unwahrscheinlich” coded as “3”). But we would love to be able to only show one or two of these categories.

Do you know any way we can do that?
Thank you so much!

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Hi Theresia!

Thanks for the question - this looks like an interesting study.

The only way to achieve the effect you are asking for us to use network filtering at the stage level to exclude edges based on the value of the attribute you are assigning on the tie-strength census. This will allow you to filter the network to only include edges that have a given strength (note that this will also filter nodes, which may be undesirable).

Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to use the preset switcher to switch which edges are displayed - you will need to create a narrative stage for each tie strength you want to show. I hope this is a clear explanation - let me know if you need further details.

I’ve added this as a suggested feature for future development work. If you need it implemented for your study in the existing software, please feel free to review our collaboration options.