Directed ties feature?

In programming our survey, we could not find is the possibility to include directed ties. We have a series of questions that ask the participant to think about the relationships between nominated family members in a directional way (where someone other than the ego is centered). We don’t see any options in Network Canvas (sociogram, or the edge interpreters) that allow us to assess directionality in relationships where someone other than the participant is centered. Are we missing something?

There is no directed ties feature in Network Canvas yet, but we are aware it would be useful to many users. For now, likely the best approach is to utilize the built-in directed data structure for the sociogram. You’ll notice when exporting sociogram data that there are “from” and “to” columns in the output which signify the node from which the edge was generated to the receiving node. You can specify clearly in your sociogram prompt that participants create edge by drawing their tie from the initiating node (tail) to the receiving node (head).