Data security for interviewer

We collected data without internet in the school and therefore no connection to a sever for easy offloading of data. It would be wonderful to have a way to lock completed surveys so that if another partcipant takes a survey on the same device, they do not have access to someone elses responses - this is a MAJOR privacy and data security issue that seems easy to control if each completed survey is locked with an admin password to unlock.

Hi @jdivanich -

Thanks for this feature request - privacy and data security are critical. Network Canvas, in its current iteration, is designed to be interviewer-assisted with the assumption that devices do not leave view of the interviewer, thus allowing for control of study data at all times. We realize that close supervision isn’t always realistic (e.g., when multiple surveys are being administered at one time by a single interviewer), however, so an added layer of security within the software as you suggest could be useful for some studies. While this is not something we plan to implement in the current version of the tool, we are developing a web-based version of Interviewer that will contain appropriate security measures where this concern will not be an issue.