Data loss Question

Hi all,

I did an interview on my Windows PC the other day. My Protocol made in Architect is stored in my Cloud storage. Now my Windows PC cannot start at all.

My question is, where is the Sociogram from my interview? Is it in the protocol file or local to the windows device? Have I lost the data?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Richard -

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I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’ve had with your computer. Data collected in Network Canvas is only saved locally on the field device by design (for data security reasons) until the researcher exports their session data to an external storage location (e.g., a cloud system like OneDrive) or to the Server app (if utilized). It sounds as though you may not have had the chance to export or backup your data yet, which unfortunately means the data you captured would only be retrievable from your device.

I hope there is some chance to repair your device in order to access your data!

Best of luck,