Data files are missing

Hi, we have been using Network Canvas for our research project. The interviewer app crashed recently as I was attempting to export the data from the tab. All of the protocol files and data disappeared when I attempted to open the application once more. I attempted to enter the data again, but it went missing once again. All of the data files are missing and cannot be found. Assist me with the same, please. Thank you.

Hi @Aditi_Bhome!

Thanks for joining our community and reaching out. Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been having using Interviewer. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible for our team to diagnose the problem without more specifics from you. As a first step, could you please tell us what specific device/OS and what version of Interviewer you are using? Next, could you please provide step-by-step reproduction steps for the issue you’ve repeatedly experienced? For example, what actions are you taking when the Interviewer app crashed? When you say the data went missing, do you mean that you do not see a card in the Manage and Export Session Data panel representing the interview you completed, or that the data files you have exported appear to have missing data? Please give as much specificity as possible so we are better able to help.

Thank you!