Creating edges in a certain order

Hi everyone!
I am planning to do a second egocentric data collection wave in a research project. With our namegenerator we ask the participants to name 20 alters and we also ask them about their type of relationship, so wether they are family members, friends and so on.

In another step we also want to ask them about the alter-alter relations (edges) and would like to sort the order in which the alters are displayed - so first family members, than friends and so on - so it’s easier for the participants to answer all these questions.

Is there any way we can do that using Network Canvas?

Thank you so much!

Hi @Theresia!

Thanks so much for posting your question and apologies for the delay in responding.

Yes, it is possible to sort the order of nodes based on specific attributes within the sociogram interface. To control the order the nodes appear for positioning, you will open the prompt editor on the relevant stage and 1) toggle the SORT UNPLACED NODES switch, 2) press the ADD NEW, and 3) define the order based on the variables you select. In your case, you might first sort by ‘family’, followed by ‘friends’, etc. Please also note that the ‘manual mode’ must be selected for the sociogram layout in order for the sorting function to operate as intended. Incidentally, there was a bug with the sort feature for categorical variables, but this has just been addressed and should now be working with the latest release (available later today).

Please note that node sorting is not available on the other edge creation interfaces (e.g., dyad census, tie-strength census).

Let us know if you run into other questions!