Create stage for multiple node types

I am unable to figure out how to create a ‘Capture Node Attribute’ stage in Architect without only selecting one type of node. I want to create a categorical sorting stage for ALL of the node types, but I am being made to select only one alter type. How do I configure this?

Hey @nurayozden welcome to our community! Thanks for posting.

Network Canvas isn’t optimized for two-mode network studies, unfortunately. On any given interface, you can only choose one node type; thus, you could have multiple one-mode networks (e.g., people and organizations) but there isn’t functionality for two-mode data to be collected on the same screen, like the sociogram.

If you are interested in capturing, for example, social contacts and clubs/societies/activities of respondents, you can configure two (or more) separate name generators to capture each by creating an additional variable on each interface that corresponds to the network being elicited. Subsequently you can draw edges on the sociogram (or other edge creation interfaces) between network members. You can use network filtering on the stage to determine which nodes will appear between whom respondents can draw ties (i.e., you could create a rule that excludes network members with specific attributes, if that was part of your research design). Sorry this isn’t exactly the functionality you were hoping for, but hopefully it gives you an idea of a way you may be able to work within the tool.