Codebook output with response options

Unless I am mistaken, there is not an option to print out a PDF of the suvey flow with all questions and their assocaited response options. This would be wonderful when working in teams to be able to save out a PDF version of the servey for IRBs and collaborators.

Hi @jdivanich,

Thanks for your post! I’m pleased to share that this feature is available in Architect and was actually developed in response to prior community feedback.

The “printable codebook summary” is an automatically generated summary of your interview protocol, which describes every aspect of your interview. This includes a full description of each stage (including which variables are used, its prompts, and its general configuration), as well as a summary of all node and edge types and their attributes. It also includes space for displaying an interviewer script (either hand written, or entered in Architect) to help with training. This summary can be exported as a PDF or printed directly from the app by clicking the ‘printable summary’ button located at the top of your protocol timeline.

As you mentioned above, our hope is that this feature can be useful for collaborating teams as well as for IRB and other review. As you familiarize yourself with the feature, please feel free to circle back with any improvements to refine its utility even further.