Built in GIF Preview

We tried to create GIFs and short videos before each question type (ego questions, alter-alter ties, Roster selection, etc.), but this did not seem to work in the field. It would be nice to have short gif annomations of each question type that the survey builder can opt to show the respondent if desired. Especially teh alter-alter ties. our 9th and 10th grade respondents were not always clear on this without followup instruction.

Hi @jdivanich -

Sorry to hear that creating short videos to illustrate each question type didn’t work in the field. Can you say more about what issues you ran into? Typically, the best way to implement this would be to use an Information Interface prior to each section using a question type for the first time. First, you would upload all of your short instructional videos to your Resource Library in Architect (accessible by clicking on the button at the top of the survey timeline). Next, you would add your Information Interfaces where appropriate throughout the survey and to each add the relevant video.

I hope this helps!