Alter forced Response Option

It may be an option that I did not see, but it would be nice to force the respondent to respond to all name inturpreter questions or allow for a “I prefer not to answer” option for specific alters or entire questions. This would improve data quality.

Another interesting idea! Our view with regards to field level validation has been that it is provided as a convenience for the researcher, rather than as something to guarantee data integrity. One of the issues with self-administered survey systems is that they are necessarily pretty inflexible once within the interview, and participants can get “stuck” when they encounter scenarios between two possible designated outcomes. It was for this reason that we prefer to base the design of the software around co-production in the interview setting, and allowing a trained interviewer to make decisions about data entry in real-time.

With that said, I do have an idea for how this could be implemented, which would also allow for other cool functionality. The gist of it would be that forms could be multi-level, with nested levels being able to be shown conditionally. This is another often requested feature. For example, the researcher wants to show a group of questions only if the value of a previous question is set a certain way.

In your case, such a feature would allow you to create a boolean attribute (participantDeclined, or similar) shown as a checkbox, with a separate nested section of the form set to show when participantDeclined === false (the default value for a boolean).

Creating a feature like this would be a fair amount of work, but could be done by someone with React knowledge in a month or so. If anyone reading this has the desire to implement it, I would be happy to help!